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Zoom360 Trend Watch: Minimalism & Tiny Homes

In this blog post, we discuss the trend of minimalism and tiny homes. Read on for our top tips and advice.

Minimalism and tiny homes have been hugely popular searches in the past few months, and it is understandable that with average house prices in Jersey so high, more first-time buyers are looking for other options. As a knock-on effect of high housing costs, many are forced to continue renting or, with the aid of help to buy schemes, save to buy a small one bedroom flat or studio to help them get on the ladder.

A trend has even started in the Uk to emerge around buying shipping containers to renovate into stylish studio apartments. With house prices predicted to plummet in the wake of Brexit, considering an alternative tiny home may be the key to avoiding negative equity.

So, what are minimalism and tiny homes all about? Undeniably connected, this pairing goes hand in hand in the aim to reducing stuff and living simply.  Those beautifully sleek Scandinavian style rooms and cosy little portable homes are splashed across our social media channels in their masses. We decided to look into the trends to learn a little more.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is the movement of reducing the items we buy and own, in order to live a simpler, more meaningful life.

With the release of Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix earlier this year, buyers and renters alike have become more and more interested in the movement clearing out their cupboards and vowing to only buy the things they need. Perhaps a rebellion from the hyper-consumerist culture we have become accustomed to, the documentary highlights the madness of Black Friday sales while urging the viewer to take stock of what is really important.

In interior design terms, the trend looks a little bit like this: homes with clean white walls, sleek organised shelves and carefully chosen, well-placed house plants. A guest in a minimalist home will feel calm and valued the focus is on them.

Benefits of minimalism

  • Less waste
  • More time
  • Less consumption
  • More freedom
  • Less stuff
  • More experiences

Almost an extension of minimalism, tiny homes put the focus on owning less and owing less. With the freedom of building their own property, tiny home owners are liberated from mortgages, large bills and clutter. They often work part time hours and spend their free time with family or working on their hobbies. This all sounds wonderful, but it might not be that easy.

Tiny home owners will either have to buy the land they build their home on, or find someone liberal enough to allow them to rent or stay on their land for free. In addition to this, there is also the cost and the difficulty behind building your own space. Although you are likely to spend less in the long-run, building your own tiny home will need some considerable start-up capital and there may be unexpected complications along the way.

Nevertheless, the social movement of downsizing has taken the Western world by storm, and there are some great benefits for the environment, too. Smaller homes lead to a reduction in energy usage, and eco-conscious tiny home owners often choose to install solar panels to help heat their water or generate their own electricity. Having a smaller space can also lead to less consumption in general if you have less space you are less likely to spend on impulse purchases.


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