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Making that Home look Right for a sale/or just stay put

What is often surprising on the Estate agency Websites is how the decor and interior design doesn’t necessarily suit the House architecture. I find even the most expensive Houses is also the case. Time spent before a sale sprucing up old interiors is worth it’s weight in gold to attract the right sales.

Now in a post Covid world even Jersey’s real Estate prices are going to be challenged. Finding the deposit for a House is becoming more and more difficult, and the Mortgage companies are demanding a higher percentage annually for this aspect. I have had plenty of consultations where Homeowners, keen to find a different property, end up sticking with the dwelling they have. Deposits at a minimum of 10% or moreso 20% being expected and Jersey house prices are high in the first place. They’re being faced with further costs to change interiors to suit their lifestyle and preferred design and decor.

So there’s two options, stick with what you’ve got and sensibly consider ways to improve if not extend for any additional accommodation you require. It is really important to get qualified expertise and without promoting my Profession, Architects are the best placed to consider how th interior suits the architecture of the building – in fact there’s no other qualification that covers this as well and a 7 year training ensures optimum knowledge and practice. And that goes for extending or renovating, or even if you decide to knock down and start again.

So in taking Option 1, you can check in with a chartered Architect and most do a complimentary Consultation at some stage of the year. So a cost saving here also. Once you have considered the advice you can also compare property at the value you will spend on the existing or your ceiling figure. Many Clients on island find that the £0-£1M price tag does not actually buy much more than they already have, and so they stick with what they got, revamp, extend and give it a thorough makeover.

Option 2 of course  involves purchasing an alternative property. When viewing you are well advised to appoint an Architect for the viewing, or take them back a second time to get a full professional review. This is money well spent in order you can way up how much you need to spend to achieve your desired accommodation and look. Good luck with your decisions, and note we’re always here to assist.

*Jane Blakeley / BA Hons Dip Arch Cert Urban Design RIBA

Jane Blakeley returned to the Island in 1993 and worked with one of the larger local practices gaining experience on a wide range of projects from large scale commercial, residential design & one off domestic projects. Jane set up a boutique Architect practice JFA Architects in 1996 working on a range of project type and with particular focus to House architecture from one off Houses, refurbishments & extensions to small developments of Houses with a policy of no Project being too small. The Practice has an open door policy to discuss projects at a preliminary level. Jane has fused links with the best in local and off island Consultants tailored to compliment the Practice’s projects. Jane also gives focus to environmental and ecological design having been remedials Architect to the reknowned eco Tourism project in Zanzibar East Africa in 1998.

JfA:Architects RIBA

Dip Arch (King) RIBA

The Studio, No.4 Petit Port Close, La Route de Petit Port, St.Brelade, Jersey JE3 8HJ



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